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  • Wegman, David H.; Eisen, Ellen A.; Hu, Xiaohan; Woskie, Susan R.; Smith, Ralph G.; Garabrant, David H. (Environmental health perspectives, 1994-11)
    This study examined work-related chronic abnormality in pulmonary function and work-related acute irritant symptoms associated with exposure to borate dust in mining and processing operations. Chronic effects were examined ...
  • Kriebel, David; Tickner, Joel; Epstein, Paul; Lemons, John; Levins, Richard; Loechler, Edward L.; Quinn, Margaret; Rudel, Ruthann; Schettler, Ted; Stoto, Michael (Environmental health perspectives, 2001-11)
    Environmental scientists play a key role in society's responses to environmental problems, and many of the studies they perform are intended ultimately to affect policy. The precautionary principle, proposed as a new ...
  • Bello, Dhimiter; Herrick, Christina A.; Smith, Thomas J.; Woskie, Susan R.; Streicher, Robert P.; Cullen, Mark R.; Liu, Youcheng; Redlich, Carrie A. (Environmental health perspectives, 2007-03)
    Isocyanates (di- and poly-), important chemicals used worldwide to produce polyurethane products, are a leading cause of occupational asthma. Respiratory exposures have been reduced through improved hygiene controls and ...
  • Khatri, Madhu; Bello, Dhimiter; Pal, Anoop K; Cohen, Joel M; Woskie, Susan; Gassert, Thomas; Lan, Jiaqi; Gu, April Z; Demokritou, Philip; Gaines, Peter (Particle and Fibre Toxicology, 2013-08-22)
    Background: Photocopiers emit nanoparticles with complex chemical composition. Short-term exposures to modest nanoparticle concentrations triggered upper airway inflammation and oxidative stress in healthy human volunteers ...



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